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Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind trains assistance dogs for those affected with a mobility related disability. Our Assistance Dogs Division provides domiciliary training within a 200-km radius of Ottawa, Ontario. (within Canada)

What can an assistance dog do?
Some of the tasks an assistance dog can be trained to do are: picking up items accidentally dropped (such as keys, coins, bank cards, wallet, pens, papers, etc.); retrieve specific items by name (phone, leash, shoes, etc.); retrieve out of reach items with the aid of a laser pointer; retrieve items from another person bring to the handler, and vice-versa; assist with pulling off socks, zippers & sleeves; opening & closing doors & drawers; turning lowered light switches on & off; triggering the automatic access button on doors; triggering a house alarm and barking for help if the handler needs assistance.

May I apply for an assistance dog from Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind?
Before you apply for an assistance dog from Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind you must meet the following criteria:
Applicants must live in the National Capital Area or within a 200-km radius of Ottawa (within Canada).
You must be a Canadian citizen.
You must be medically diagnosed with a mobility-related disability.
You must in some way be able to benefit from the use of an assistance dog.

Additional considerations:
Teaming up with an assistance dog requires a great deal of responsibility and effort to keep up with existing training and general care and well-being of the dog (i.e. food, veterinary expenses, etc.). You must be willing and ready to schedule and enter into a period of 2-4 weeks of intensive training with a dog upon being matched with an assistance dog. Assistance dogs are not for everybody. They require a great deal of commitment. They are highly trained, intelligent canines but they are still dogs. Assistance dogs need time, effort and attention on a daily basis to maintain the work standard they were trained to do.

Does it cost anything to receive a Mobility Assistance Dog?
Our services are provided free of charge to accepted applicants. There is a nominal $1 fee when you receive your dog. This is a lease, as the dog legally remains the property of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I would like to apply for a Mobility Assistance Dog.
If you’ve reviewed our criteria and feel that you quality and would benefit from the use of a mobility assistance dog, please contact the National Training Centre of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind at (613) 692-7777 to begin the application process or to obtain additional information.