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Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind operates a fundraising program in which plastic collection dogs are placed into businesses. For more information, please contact CGDB.
Benefits to your Business
These collection dog models are very attractive to children. This will occupy many children while their parents are shopping or in line at the cash.
As we provide and train visually-impaired Canadians from all provinces and territories, the visually-impaired from your own community could benefit from your support of CGDB.
At the end of each calendar year, we provide a Certificate of Appreciation informing the business of how much money was raised. You are welcome to display this information in order to publicize your business' community involvement.

This program enables you to assist our organization at no cost other than one square foot of floor space. Volunteers empty the units and the funds are donated by your customers at their discretion in the form of passive solicitation. There is no direct cost to your business.