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Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind has a gift shop. Here are our latest featured items.

Our newest Christmas card features the head of a yellow Labrador retriever in front of a Christmas tree. Cards come in packages of ten with ten envelopes and sell for twelve dollars.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind sells custom engraved dog tags. You choose the engraving of up to four lines on each tag. These are great in case your dog or other pet gets away from you. Pet tags are six dollars and come in multiple colours.

Our duffle bags with our logo sell for twenty dollars. Duffle bags are red. They are great for carrying items, but when not in use fold down into a square for easy transport.

Our latest t-shirt is sand in colour and features two golden retriever pups on the front. T-shirts sell for twenty dollars and are available in sizes small through double XL.

Our Nordic touque can keep you warm this winter. Our touques are red and feature a black Lab face on the front. Touques are twenty dollars.

Finally, we almost always have a raffle of some type. Contact us for information about our latest raffle, the prize and ticket information.

For any of our featured gift items, additional information, or other merchandise, you can order online on our graphics site at in our gift shop; or phone us at (613) 692-7777.